Ridiculously easy image editing and photo retouching.

Use metaFoto before you upload your photos somewhere else on the Internet. With just a few clicks you will be able to improve the quality and visuals of your photos.

  • image editing
  • photo retouching
  • creating demotivators
  • free photo hosting
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Improve the quality of your photos with just a few clicks.

HShow/hide keyboard shortcuts
Loading photos:
OLoad photo from your computer
ILoad photo from the Internet
PLoad random photo
Saving photos:
SSave photo to your computer
MSave photo in metaFoto
Zooming in and out:
0Fit to screen
Alt+UpZoom in
Alt+DownZoom out
Actions history:
Ctrl+ZUndo latest action
Ctrl+YRedo latest undone action
Ctrl+GRestore original photo
RRotate 90° clockwise
Shift+RRotate 90° anticlockwise
KCrop the photo
ENTERApply cropping
ESCCancel cropping
Effects and filters:
JAutomatically enhance
BCovert to black & white
EConvert to sepia tone
Ctrl+UpIncrease the brightness
Ctrl+DownDecrease the brightness
Shift+UpIncrease the contrast
Shift+DownDecrease the contrast
Ctrl+Shift+UpIncrease the temperature
Ctrl+Shift+DownDecrease the temperature
DCreate a demotivator